Picking out a remote starter can be a little confusing, this section should help you sort things out!

  • Why do I need a bypass module?
    A bypass module can perform multiple tasks in your vehicle. It can learn your keys transponder code which is neccessary in order for the vehicle to remote start, and it can also integrate into your vehicles computer system to perform multiple tasks like operate your door locks, pop your trunk, arm/disarm the vehicles security system,etc.. The modules that we use are flashed with the specific software that your exact year/make/model vehicle needs in order to function properly with an aftermarket Remote Starter or Alarm system.
  • I've seen Remote Starters advertised for $99
    Alot of places use this advertising method to lure you in, but by the time it all adds up you are paying much, much more! The prices that we quote you are exactly what you will be paying. There are no hidden charges. All of our systems come with 2 remote controls, lifetime warranty on parts* and labor as long as you own the vehicle! The lowest price shouldn't be your main concern, the shop that can do the job right should be your biggest concern! Vehicles nowadays have dozens of computers in them, if an inexperienced installer probes one wrong wire it could result in thousands of dollars in damages, or if they don't properly interface with your vehicles factory security system it could result in leaving you stranded one day when you least expect it.
    We have over 15 years of experience and have literally installed THOUSANDS of remote starters over the years. Don't just trust your vehicle to the lowest bidder, you might wind up paying more in the long run!
  • Which system is right for me?
    If you have a factory key that has the keyless entry remote built into the head of the key like most honda/acura/dodge and new ford vehicles have, then we would recomment a 1 button remote start only system and your factory buttons will still remain operational to control everything else!
    If you currently have a seperate remote on your keyring to operate your locks, then we would suggest a 4 button system which would incorporate everything on 1 new remote so you won't have to carry around 2 remotes
  • How much range do I need?
    If you park your vehicle within 1,000 feet of your sight then anyone of our 3 main systems that we use will work fine. If you find yourself parking a far distance away you may want to upgrade to one of our higher end system that offer up to 1 mile of range.
    I heard adding a remote starter will void your vehicles warranty?
    This is absolutly FALSE. Just because you add a remote starter to your vehicle does not mean you will void your vehicles warranty.
    Can I have a remote starter installed as a surprise without them knowing?
    Yes, we can install a remote starter in a vehicle if you wish to surprise the recipient without them knowing! The factory keyfob will still remain functional after we install our system, so you can wrap up the new remotes and present them at a later date as a gift without them being the wiser.